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Registering and protecting your creative works can be done in minutes, providing you with security, access to your copyrights, and your invaluable files. It’s that easy!

Registration Certificate

Every registered work is accompanied by a professional registration certificate that showcases the protection of your content and validates your credibility as verified by

Secure Data Storage Vault

Store all your copyrighted works in our secure data storage vault. This ensures a reliable backup solution that is readily accessible and allows you to easily download your files whenever needed.

Keep Content Thieves Away

Our system is designed to safeguard your content and files, offering reliable protection against theft and copyright infringement. This ensures your peace of mind and keeps digital content thieves at bay.

Safe and Secure

All data flow between you and our servers is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption and our system meets all high-authority rules over privacy and security measures on the internet.

Trusted by Thousands

Thousands of happy clients around the world use our services to register their original creative works and help ensure their intellectual property is not used without permission.

What You Can Register

Digital content
Digital Content
Applications, software, websites
Literary works
Literary Works
Articles, fiction, non-fiction, poetry
Motion pictures
Motion Pictures
Animation, movies, games, videos
Performing arts
Performing Arts
Lyrics, music, sound recordings
Family, portraits, selfies
Visual arts
Visual arts
Architecture, artwork, illustrations

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